Guys…I have a really weird hobby.

I enter giveaways. Like, a lot. At any given time, I probably have my name entered into maybe 100 giveaways for things we want/need. I started this back in late November, and started winning stuff a couple weeks later. I have a whole method/process that I use every day to try and keep my entries in each giveaway maximized. It's super weird and type-A, and I get that. But, we've won stuff we would have needed to buy at some point, so to me it feels like I'm making money (and in a way it is literally making money.)

It's mostly baby/kid stuff, which seems to be the easiest to win because the entire mass of humanity isn't necessarily beating down the door to win baby stuff. That would be your stay-at-home/work-at-home moms that are entering those, or crazy people like me that are super-planners and building a storage of free baby stuff so we don't have to spend $13,000 later, even though we don't plan on having kids right away. Literally, $13,000. I read a blog post recently that said parents spend around $13,000 in the first year of a new baby's life. That is crazy. I don't want to spend that much money. First of all, I don't want that much stuff all over everywhere, but auxiliary to that, I just don't want to spend that much money. Because poor.

Maybe half the giveaways I enter are for gift cards, Paypal cash, and the like - but those are way more difficult to win (or at least, it seems that way so far.) Obviously, more people will be entering for cash than would be entering for any niche product. Of all the things I've won, only one has been non-baby-related. I only enter myself in giveaways that 1) don't take an enormous amount of effort to enter, 2) don't require me to blow up my followers on social media with giveaway content and 3) are for stuff I really want/need/will need in the future. Sometimes if a giveaway is sneaky, like, "Win this lump of cash and this really lame product!" I'll still enter because I want the cash. If doing this cost me anything besides my time, I probably wouldn't be so into it - but, it's free, so I figure, why not. Free stuff.

Like these, which I have coming in the mail!
I know people are going to read this and then ask how to do it. I recommend starting by following all your favorite brands on social media (Instagram is best, followed by Facebook - and maybe Twitter.) I also did some Googling for giveaways for things I was looking for (putting filters like "March 2015" will help weed out super-old giveaways). Nearly all the giveaways I entered are located on blogs. If you find an old giveaway for something you're really psyched about that has long since closed on a blog, visit their "giveaways" page and see if they are running other giveaways you're interest in. If they are, you can  bookmark that blog and checked back periodically to see what giveaways they're running. Enter email lists for any blogs running giveaways you like, so you'll be notified of future giveaways. If something is a "giveaway hop" that means at the bottom of that blogger's giveaway post will be a list of links to other giveaways, and you can literally "hop" from one giveaway to another, entering for things you want to win.

I'm a weirdo. It's fine. I'm embracing it.


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