Making big changes for important reasons - We're moving!


It's official.

Seth and I are moving back to Indiana. (For those of you that don't know me personally, we currently live in Washington, DC. I have lived here for five years.)

People are asking me if I'm excited.

I am! I guess! I mean, there are some major pro's and con's to this decision. It's sort of like weighted grading, though - the reasons we are moving (the "pro's" if you will) are comparably more important to us, and weigh more heavily on our hearts, than the reasons we are sad to leave DC (the "cons").

I am leaving a lot behind in DC. I have a stable job, I provide us with health benefits, and I am deeply ingrained in the climbing community here. We love a lot of the aspects of DC life, too. There is a ton to do, a lot of it is free, the city is very focused on fitness and eating well, and politically it is much more closely aligned with our views and opinions on important issues. The people in DC are very focused on education, and the area has some of the best schools in the country. Nearly everyone is highly educated, and understands the importance of engaging in discussions and debates on various issues. All of that makes living the lifestyle we envision easy, and not much thought has to be put into living the life we want to live.

But, we are moving back to a lot of really important, heavy stuff. Our parents and families are in Indiana, and considering the fact that we eventually want to start a family of our own, I can't imagine raising my children somewhere where their grandparents wouldn't be around. That idea is just beyond imagination for me. I was super-close with my grandparents, and I want both our parents to be able to be around our kids as much as they want. Having that support system is going to be super important to us. I have a few very close girlfriends in Indiana that I miss. One is pregnant, and two have small children. I missed their births and have missed the first year to two years of their lives, which has always weighed heavily on my heart. Being around as they grow their families and as we start ours is really meaningful and important to me.

Oh, and then there's the issue of actually being able to afford a home and be able to dig ourselves out from under our crushing mound of student loan debt. There is that.

I know what we are doing is right, and I know in the grand scheme of things, this is going to be a positive change. But for some reason, this change is scary for me! This is the first time in my life that I've faced a big change and felt any sort of fear. I moved to DC in 2010 with no fear. I knew no one here, I'd never been to DC, I didn't know my roommates, and I was increasing my cost of living exponentially (we are talking moving from a three-bedroom townhouse at $800 a month to a three-bedroom apartment at $2700+). But I wasn't afraid! I told my girlfriend yesterday, I must be getting old.  Change has become something that makes me cringe.

I am excited, though. I'll get to see my family whenever I want, we have a super-awesome support system, and finally getting to settle down is going to be awesome. We'll finally get to start building a life! And that's awesome. I've also been offered a job I have wanted for a very long time, so I'm hoping we will be able to work that out, as well! I know we are going to be fantastically happy in Indiana, in the long run, and we will be able to take our DC lifestyle and values with us as long as we live consciously and deliberately.

There's so much coming up and so many different things we're going to be doing and pursuing once we get to Indiana, I'll be publishing another post in the next couple of days with our plans for the next few months. Stand by for another update!


  1. Good luck in your move! It is always nice moving back to the familiar and family!

    1. Thanks so much! It's going to be a huge cultural change but I'll be glad to be back near my parents for sure. :)

  2. I moved from Dallas to rural South Jersey (where I am initially from) when I became pregnant with my first. My husband has experienced a bit of culture shock, but it has been nice for us to be around family. Good luck! Try to focus on the things that Indiana has that DC doesn't.

    1. Yes, absolutely! We want to start having kids relatively soon and I know having their grandparents around will be priceless. Totally worth th sacrifice.

  3. I think you're making a great choice. I lived in California after graduating college, but moved back home to Wisconsin after a few years, and never regretted it. I got married and started my family, all with both our families near by. The support is so important to me, and I love that my kids are close with their grandparents.

    1. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement! I know everything is going to work out and I will be thankful to live close to my parents. The transition is just going to be crazy! Haha!


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