Eastern Market, DC

If you are planning to visit DC (and maybe even if you already live here) and are looking to visit somewhere more offbeat and less touristy, I highly recommend you visit Eastern Market.

Eastern Market is a quaint little area of DC off the blue and orange metro lines, that has a ton of little independent shops and restaurants. It also hosts an open-air market on the Sundays, where artisans and craftsmen from around the area come to sell their products. The outdoor market is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm, on 7th Street SE between C and Pennsylvania Avenue SE.

I actually love shopping at Eastern Market when I am looking for a personal gift for a special occasion. When I got married, I actually bought gifts for my maid of honor and one of my readers from Eastern Market. I bought a bubble necklace, a scarf, and these awesome knotted silver earrings from Drabo Gallery. This time I bought this awesome scroll from a Tibetan shop, with an awesome quote from the Dalai Lama that basically describes my whole life philosophy right now:

I went with some of my little sisters from the gym. It was nice to get to hang out with them in a very non-climbing-related setting and do girl stuff. ;)

The artisans in Eastern Market, as usual, did not disappoint. There were booths out I hadn't seen before, and despite the heat we made multiple laps around to look at everything.

Giraffes statuettes made from recycled cans - he said his biggest seller is a huge $400 statue made of Arizona tea cans!
Beaded animals just like the ones we bought in Zimbabwe. These are sold in a South African goods booth.
The MC Hammer parachute-pants trend is back, and these elephant-print pants with elastic cuffs were EVERYWHERE. I was really tempted to buy some, but I was good. ;)

Another place I hadn't visited the last few times I went to Eastern Market is this secondhand bookstore called Capitol Hill Books. (The market has actually moved while its regular space is under construction, so this bookstore normally isn't next to the market!)

The store is run by an older gentleman that seems to be quite the character. There are hilarious little signs posted all over the store, which is technically three stories - a claustrophobically low-ceilinged basement, a main level and an upstairs. The little signs for me were the highlight, it was like finding funny little hidden treasures everywhere you looked!

There are other parts to the market besides the open-air flea market, as well. Year-round, Eastern Market has an indoor market where there are various seafoods, meats and baked goods sold. There is also a farmer's market section (with samples!) as well as food and drink stands at the end of the main drag. I highly recommend checking out the crepe stand if you're hungry, the Some Like It Hot crepe is delicious (but very spicy!) as is the Greek, which is what I had this time.

Caroline  and her tiny eggplant.

Eastern Market is a really fun, off-the-beaten-path, eclectic place to visit for those visiting the District, and especially for those that already live here but are looking for something to do on a weekend. It's awesome to have a community so interested in supporting local artisans and shops, and especially when the weather is nice a great place to walk around and explore with your family and friends.


  1. i didn't know they had an open air market...i work near there. i definitely have to check it out!

    1. What!! Yeah definitely google it! It is on Saturdays and Sundays, but I believe the indoor portion is open all week! It's so much fun!

  2. I love the flea market. It's a little different, especially the farmer's part. Will get some yummy fresh veggies next Sunday. It's best to take the train if you don't live on Capitol hill, parking is awful.


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