I'm 28!

So, I'm 28.

I guess some people might feel old when they turn 28, I don't know. I don't. I feel about the same as I did when I turned 27. I'm still in my late 20's, so it's not as if 28 is some chronological milestone I should feel some sort of way about.

Probably the best part of my birthday was the surprise birthday/going-away party my kids threw for me Thursday night. We're all on a group chat on Facebook Messenger together, but they apparently created a new group chat called 8/13 and planned this all out. They threw a potluck-style party at the gym, Julia's sister made me a card that they all signed, and they got me gifts. Lydia bought me a necklace during our Eastern Market trip, several of the kids went in together to get me a necklace with a working carabiner from Rock Climbing Jewelry on Etsy, and Yardena bought me a fingerboard-shaped chew toy for our future dog(s).

I didn't do anything outrageously special for my 28th birthday, but I did have a great day (and week)! I "climbed", at the request of my kids (AKA showed up to the gym and hung out, since I'm injured), and went to the movies with my husband. We received a gift card way back at Christmastime for this super fancy theater, called iPic, where you eat dinner while watching a movie. The theater is actually all huge La-z Boy style recliners, and they give you pillows and blankets. Pretty cool, huh? We saw Trainwreck, with Amy Schumer, and it was hilarious. We considered seeing Straight Outta Compton, but I'm glad we saw something lighthearted and funny (and a little romantic!) We also went out to our favorite sushi place beforehand - Sushi Jin in Silver Spring - though we could have ordered food at the theater.

Volcano roll, two Dance with Tuna rolls and a Rock N Roll
iPic theaters entrance in Bethesda

I am super psyched about the gift(s) Seth and my parents got for me. Seth bought me a doorway hang board from Blank Slate Climbing, my mom bought me a set of climbing holds from Teknik, and my dad bought me a hang board from So Ill. I am SO HAPPY to finally have a training tool in my house!

It really wasn't terribly difficult to put together. The only note I have is that, if you decide to do something like this, make sure you really screw the holds in as tight as you possibly can, and go back and retighten them a few times. It took Seth about three rounds of screwing the holds in before they were tight enough where I couldn't spin them with my hands.

Teknik holds
Adding the back stop
Adding the brace

Adding the mounting surface
Choosing where to place each hold
Mounted with holds
So Ill hang board mock-up
(We're waiting to actually mount the hang board on the full system board until we move, because a couple of the Teknik holds will need to be removed to add the So Ill piece.)

System boards are basically used to train certain aspects of your strength or movement that are lacking. Because of the size of this one, the primary purpose of this piece of equipment will be to hang from the various holds to increase tendon strength. For me, I will be doing a lot of hanging and small, precise movements between the slopers, crimps and pinches to try and work on movements I'm not good at, and to build my tendon strength.

I know 28 is going to be a great year. We are about to go through a huge life change when we move back to Indiana, but I know we are going to experience some of the most exciting and rewarding parts of our lives this year. We're moving back closer to our families, we're helping my mother-in-law move and sell her current home, we plan to buy our first house, and I'm finally - finally - starting my dream job. But, more on that later. ;) I can't wait to see what 28 has in store for me!


  1. Happy birthday! That looks like a pretty sweet theater, I've never been to such a fancy one! Isn't it awesome to get gifts that are just perfect for you and your lifestyle?

    1. Oh totally! My husband set all that up, he knew I would love it. Thank you!

  2. Looks like you had a great birthday! All the best for the next 12 months x

    1. Thanks Alyssa! It's going to be a great year!

  3. Happy belated birthday! My birthday was last Saturday - yay for being Leos! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!

    xx Lauren

    1. Yes it was awesome! Happy belated birthday to you too; hope it was great!!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Still the same month so hope your still celebrating!

    1. Thanks! Haha I guess I am, I'm moving this weekend! 😜


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