Crimp Chimps Product Review & HUGE Climbing Prize Package Giveaway!

Like many climbers, my climbing story began in open climb. I had a Living Social, which got me a basic class and a few open climb sessions. A friend heard I was trying open climb, and convinced me to boulder. From that point on, my life was essentially changed.

That friend effectively taught me to climb. I went to the gym with him several days a week, and he coached me through learning to boulder, to getting my first harness and pair of shoes, through V1 and V2. Finally, when I was just starting to break into V3, he hatched a plan.

He bought me a Crimp Chimps chalk bag as a reward for sending my first V3. He kept it in his climbing pack, and the day I did my first V3, he presented it to me with my first block of chalk (how sweet, right?!) People at the gym quickly came to know me as the girl with the Tweety Bird chalk bag.

I literally carried her (yes, her, my chalk bag is a girl) everywhere with me and climbed with her 4-5 days a week for over a year (with the exception of outdoor trips). She has held up absolutely perfectly. She's the perfect size for my hand (which, granted, is pretty small). She has become quite befouled after carrying her for so long, so I'm about to attempt my first empty-and-hand-wash routine with her soon. The stitching and construction feels super high-quality and sturdy, and the Etsy shop has awesome reviews, so she's obviously doing something right!

Crimp Chimps offers so many chalk bags, every climber can find the perfect one for them. They currently have 60 items in stock in their Etsy store. The shop also does custom orders - the shop owner will help customers pick out a stuffed animal to send to their shop, where they will convert it into a chalk bag. So, if you saw a stuffed animal you wish you could get as a chalk bag, or are worried about the depth of some of the smaller stuffed animals on their page, you can choose one for yourself and get it made into a bag for you! Seriously, how awesome is that?!

Visit Crimp Chimps and check out all the awesome stuff they have to offer!



Today through October 2nd, I am hosting a giveaway of not only an adorable grey fox tail chalk bag from Crimp Chimps (pictured above), but also products from Giddy, Friction Labs, and the Etsy stores CrimpMe and The Climber Shop.  The total prize package value is over $180! Click the link below to enter - you can come back every day and do additional, daily entries to increase your odds of winning!


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