Friction Labs Product Review & HUGE Climbing Prize Package Giveaway!

I received complimentary products for this review. All opinions are my own.

When I climb, I tend to use the cheapest, most basic chalk for sale at my gym. I've never really tried any other types of chalk, simply because the type I started with was readily available, and worked fine for my purposes. I figured if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I had always wanted to try Friction Labs chalk, but it wasn't being sold at the gyms where I climbed. I was super-psyched when I got to partner with Friction Labs, because I had been hearing about how awesome their chalks are from my climbing partners.

Friction Labs makes three types of chalk: Bam Bam, Gorilla Grip and Unicorn Dust. Bam Bam is "super chunky", and allows the climber to break up large chunks of chalk into the consistency they want. Unicorn Dust is "super fine", or pre-ground so the climber doesn't have to break up any pieces. Gorilla Grip is somewhere in between - "chunky", or partially ground for climbers that like some "chunk" to their chalk, but not a lot.

Of these three, my personal favorite is the Unicorn Dust. Though I do occasionally like breaking up my own chalk, I felt the Unicorn Dust felt particularly drying, sticky, and soft on my skin (though, unlike some other brands, the drying effect wasn't uncomfortable at all).

It was also noticeable for me how much longer Friction Labs chalk stayed on my skin when compared with other brands. It just wasn't necessary to chalk up between attempts, like it  sometimes is with other brands. You end up using less chalk with  Friction Labs, overall, because it doesn't slip and slide off your hands  during attempts.

Their chalk (particularly the Unicorn Dust), actually feels sticky. You can tell that the chalk is adhering better to your skin and staying on longer, and is making a noticeable difference in your climbing  (especially on bad holds).

The one big road block for climbers I know to using Friction Labs chalk regularly is that this chalk is significantly more expensive than other chalks on the market. It is hard to argue against using the more mainstream brands (like Black Diamond) when Friction Labs 10-ounce bags cost $25, and comparable-size Black Diamond bags cost $10.

However, many climbers may not be aware that Friction Labs offers a monthly chalk subscription service, delivered right to your door. The subscription creates a lower cost-per-ounce than one-time ordering, and can be paused at any time. Because we're being truthful, I will say: Friction Labs chalk, even with the membership, still comes out to be more expensive than buying a mainstream chalk brand.

You, as a climber, will have to decide if it is worth the cost (I personally say it absolutely is worth the cost, especially in high-stakes situations like comps or that rare outdoor trip to a highly-sought-after climbing destination). Friction Labs and I are offering you a couple of great ways to try their chalk at a lower-than-normal cost.

First, Friction Labs has kindly offered two different discounts for my readers (and you won't be able to find these discounts any where else, so get on it)!

For those of you that aren't sure which type you would like to try, they are offering a sample pack of three one-ounce bags (one of each type of chalk), and four stickers - the Friction Labs beaker logo, as well as the Bam Bam, Gorilla Grip and Unicorn Dust logos (and we all know how much climbers love their stickers)!

You can find that offer (available for the specially-discounted rate of $10) by clicking right here.

Think you know what type you want? Friction Labs is offering a discount for my readers on one ten-ounce bag of the chalk of your choice (plus four stickers!). Normally, a 10-ounce bag of Friction Labs chalk will cost you $25, but my readers can get a bag for the discounted rate of $19!

You can find that offer by clicking right here.

 Visit Friction Labs and check out all the awesome stuff they have to offer!



Today through October 2nd, I am hosting a giveaway of not only five-ounce bags of each of these types of chalk from Friction Labs, but also products from Giddy, and the Etsy stores Crimp Chimps, CrimpMe, and The Climber Shop.  The total prize package value is over $180! Click the link below to enter - you can come back every day and do additional, daily entries to increase your odds of winning!


  1. Such an awesome giveaway for climbers. I will share with my friends.

  2. This is a great giveaway for climbers! I don't climb, but think it looks like fun, and will share with friends. - Trish @ View from the Birdhouse

  3. I haven't been rock climbing in years, but now I want to go again!


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