Marital Finances - Why We Chose To Combine Our Bank Accounts

When you get married, there are a ton of decisions you have to make, some more difficult than others. For most couples, one of the more difficult decisions is how to handle finances once you're married. Not all couples are willing to talk about this, since there does tend to be some judgment that flies between couples - "Oh, you didn't combine everything? Well, Johnny and I are actually committed to being one in every way, so we combined everything." "You combined everything? Oh, I just couldn't imagine giving up my independence that way."

Que eye roll.

There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to managing marital finances. Many couples - like one of my girlfriends - choose to keep everything separate, because certain bills come out of each of their accounts, it has worked for them for years, and it would be a huge hassle for them to combine anything. What would be the point for them? They've been doing it their way for years and it has worked flawlessly, and hasn't caused any arguments. Until some point when it does cause issues (if it ever does), what is the point in them combining their finances?

For Seth and I, combining our finances made sense. When we got engaged, we had a pretty huge income disparity, and Seth did not have many auto-withdrawals or auto-deposits associated with his account. It was so much simpler for us to just combine everything so we weren't tempted to count here-and-there, who's spending what, and is that fair. For us it was easier, and created more harmony, to place all our deposits into one account and do all our expenses out of that same account.

Seth also felt really strongly that married couples should simply have combined accounts, on principle. I didn't have a hard-and-fast opinion (as you can see from the above), so because he felt so strongly about it, we chose to combine. We did choose to keep a credit card for each of us though, primarily because if we wanted to buy a gift for the other person, we didn't want them to accidentally find out what it was when they went to look in the checking account's online banking. ;)

Did you and your spouse combine your finances when you got married? Did you keep them separate? Or, did you keep them separate at first and then combine them later?


  1. I'm not married, but my boyfriend and I do live together. This post was so helpful!

    xx. Brittany | Southern Soul

  2. We got married later in life (well, in our 30's,) so we have everything separate. We'd both been doing our own thing for so long, it would have been too much of a hassle to change everything. Now, we do have our life insurance stuff together and the kids all have their own accounts too.

    1. Yes, exactly! It makes sense for some people but not for everyone!


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