September Goals

Last. Month. Was. Crazy.

I finished my last day at my office job. We moved. August was the month of transition, change, determination, and  a whole lot of courage on my part to just rip it all off like a band-aid and dive head-first into our new life. Moving to DC was easy for me, and caused me very little anxiety. Moving back to Indiana has not been the same, and it has taken a lot of putting-on-the-horse-blinders and barreling-forward to get August done and behind me without turning into a total hot mess.

I start my dream job at Hoosier Heights today. As I've mentioned in previous posts (especially this one), I will be coaching their climbing teams and overseeing their youth programs as a whole. This is such a huge departure from what I have been doing for the last...oh, I dunno, five years, that I think this is the perfect time to start doing monthly goal-setting posts - both for my personal, and professional, lives.

So, without further ado, here are my goals for September:

For the blog:

RUN MY FIRST GIVEAWAY 9/14-10/2 - I am super excited to announce that I'm running my first giveaway starting 9/14! I have partnered with five climbing companies (two major retail companies and three Etsy shops) to give away a package of climbing products worth around $150. I will start the giveaway on 9/14, and run one review a week for each product throughout that week. The giveaway will stay open for two weeks, until 11:59pm on 10/2. My goal for the giveaway is to show you guys some climbing products and companies that I love, and increase traffic to my blog.

WRITE MY FIRST TRAFFIC & INCOME REPORT - My blog is all about transparency, and being real and open with my readers. I plan to close out September with my first traffic and income report. I will write how many page views I had that month, how much I increased my following on various social media sites, and report how much income I made from the blog this month. Since I'm still a newbie blogger, I don't expect to make a great deal of income from the blog in September, but I will report how much free product I received in order to review the products I'm giving away to my readers.

SET UP MY OFFICE SPACE AND GET ORGANIZED - Moving is inherently disorganized, even for the most type-A people (like myself). One major goal I have in September is to get my [temporary] office space organized, so I can really tackle the blog for the next six months. (For those of you that don't know, my mother-in-law recently bought a new house, so we will be living in her 'old' house and helping her get it ready to sell for the next six months. Hence my use of the term 'temporary'.)

HAVE OUR FIRST INDY CREATIVES MEETUP - I am an admin of a Facebook group I started with Ann at Wit, Wisdom and Food called Indy Creatives. It's basically a group of creative entrepreneurs in the Indy area, and we plan to get together once a month to sit together, work on our creative businesses, bounce ideas off - and mentor one another. Our first meetup is scheduled for 9/5, and I'm super excited!

GET SPONSORED POSTING UP AND RUNNING - Finish my account on Sverve, and look into joining other networks like Mode Media.

MAKE SOME DESIGN CHANGES/ADDITIONS TO THE BLOG - Design and add Media Kit, add a subscription pop-up, create a new header and make some changes to my social media buttons. I'm hoping that after this month, the blog will really be in a good design/functionality place where I will be able to spend more time on content creation and marketing.

For me:

FIND NEW HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS - *Cry face emoji* I always hate this part of moving to a new area. I need a new dentist, primary care physician, and optometrist. Not excited.

SIT DOWN WITH MY NEW BOSS AND GET HOOSIER HEIGHTS' SOCIAL MEDIA ON POINT - As I mentioned in my Hoosier Heights post, I'm going to be managing their social media. I've been making notes for the past week about everything I feel needs to be done and asked about in order to get their social media optimized, so I plan to sit down with my new boss in September and figure out the gym's social media mission and get it organized and scheduled.

SCHEDULE TIME TO SEE FRIENDS & FAMILY WE HAVEN'T SEEN ENOUGH IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS - Perhaps the greatest reason we are moving back to Indiana in the first place is to be able to spend more time with our families, so I want to make sure I spend lots of time with them during our first month back in the state. :)

I actually have more goals for the blog than those that are listed here. I think, though, that listing out the major ones will help  keep my accountable this month. I've scheduled out time to take care of even the minor goals, too, but at least I have the major ones here for reference at the beginning of next month, when I write my next goal-setting post. :)


  1. Ooohh, will be checking out your traffic and increase report when you write it. What a great idea!

    1. Please do! I'm nervous to write it because of the whole judgment factor, but also excited. I plan to officially start monetizing at the end of the month, too, so October's should be interesting as well!

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  3. Good luck with all your goals, and so awesome to have landed your dream job!

    1. Thank you so much! It's going to take a lot of tenacity but I'm determined to make it work!


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