September Traffic & Income Report

This is my very first traffic and income report, and I'm super excited to share how the blog has done through the month of September!

Since this is the first full month that I have been blogging seriously and actually tracking analytics, it's difficult to compare these statistics to other months and draw some sort of conclusion about growth and progress.

August Traffic

In August, the blog had 1,182 page views. That means that 1,182 times, a computer user somewhere navigated to my blog. However, only 548 of those times were unique visits, which means that about half of my page views were from repeat visitors (likely my newsletter subscribers and loyal readers, friends and family). My August statistics also show a "bounce rate" of 81.36%, which means that 81.36% of the time that someone navigated to my page, they navigated away without clicking on anything. I've read several places that a bounce rate above 80% hurts your Google rankings, so I wanted to try and get this down in September.

September Traffic

In September, the blog had 1,021 page views. This is down slightly from August, though I'm not super-concerned about that as it's my first full month actually tracking these analytics (and I'm trying to focus on quality engagement with my readers over quantity of visits). It's also likely due to the fact that this post went viral over Twitter, and drew in several hundred more views to that post one day than it would normally have received.

I ran my first giveaway in September (it ends Friday, hurry over and check it out here!), which I think affected my stats in a couple of interesting ways. First, it looks like I actually had more repeat visitors in September (my unique visitors count is only 327, or about 1/3 of my page views, where in August it was about half). That's likely due to the fact that my giveaway allows for daily entries, and there are several people coming back every day to get more entries into the giveaway. The last notable thing for September is that my bounce rate is down to 67.71%, which is awesome! I'm so psyched I was able to draw it down from 81.36%, and I consider that a huge win for the month.

September Income

In September, the blog did not actually draw direct, cash income, which is completely fine with me. It was not one of my goals to start drawing cash flow this month. I did receive around $150 in free product from the sponsors of the giveaway, which in itself is pretty awesome because I love their products and use them regularly when I climb.

In October, I hope to run a second giveaway and begin truly "monetizing" the blog. In blogger-speak, "monetizing" means creating ways through which your blog can generate income. One way is through receiving free product to review and give away, which I did for September and plan to continue to do. I also became an Amazon affiliate and set up my affiliate store (you can find it in the right sidebar!), so if folks purchase through my links, I will be able to receive a commission from Amazon (which is pretty sweet). In September, I also took the following steps to start generating income through the blog:
  • Joined TapInfluence and Sverve, two blogging networks designed to help bloggers get freelance work
  • Started the application process with Mode Media, an ad and freelance network for online creatives
  • Began writing an ebook series that I plan to sell on the blog
  • Created a media kit to provide to potential sponsors, partners and advertisers

Thanks everyone for all your support this month, I'll be back with another traffic and income report in a month to keep everyone updated on how we're growing and changing!


  1. awesome report and progress! Keep up the good work ♥

    stop by and chat with me :)

  2. Great report! I'm hoping to start one of these eventually :)

    1. If you're tracking now, just start at the end of the month! It's fun to look back and see what is and isn't working for you, and it totally informs you as to how to keep growing!

  3. Congrats. I think you are off to a great start. Nice to meet you. ;)

  4. this is great for you first month...It took me 2 years to see results like this.

    1. That makes me feel better! Everything feels like baby steps even though I feel like I'm doing so much work! Haha!

  5. awesome update! I loved the inside view into how blogging works

  6. This is interesting stuff.

    I stumbled across this from facebook, I think a mutual friend posted your article. (I used to work at Earth Treks Rockville, way back when.)

    I enjoy what you're writing in climbing, confidence "challenges", public traffic analysis, etc. My suggestion: add a "sign up to follow by email". I'd sign up in an instant, but as it is, when I navigate away from this page, it's unlikely that I'll ever return, unless a mutual friend posts an article by you again.

    If blogger doesn't let you do it, you can throw together a free wordpress website and add the button there.

    ping me at thompsonjoshd@google' when its set up. I'll eagerly follow along.

    good luck!

    1. Hi Josh! There is actually a subscribe by email feature at the very top of the right sidebar. If you're navigating via mobile, you're on the mobile site and you won't have full functionality. Glad you're enjoying my content!


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